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Become Your Own Oracle

The Self-Paced, Online Course to Master the Art of Intuitive Card Reading

Learn the step-by-step and repeatable process to reconnect with your intuition, pick an Oracle card deck that's right for you, interpret cards, read for others, and even create your own spreads. No memorizing card meanings required! Includes bite-sized and bingeable video modules designed for busy humans. 

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[Free] The Intuitive To-Do List 5-Step Guide

Free Downloadable Illustrated 5-Step Guide

Does your to-do list have you knotted into a serious ball of stress? Ditch to-do list doom and discover my 3-step process that will completely change how you feel about all those tasks you need, and want, to get done.


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Overcome To-Do List Overwhelm & Prioritize Like a Pro in 5 Steps

60-Minute Practical Workshop & Bonus Illustrated 5-Step Guide

Feeling overwhelmed by all the to-dos? Tired of the old school "urgent and important" prioritization framework that leaves you feeling more stressed? Learn how to de-stress and work with your energy to focus on what matters, get things done, and leave the rest––in a few simple steps!


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Free From Stress: Feel Resilient via Bite-Sized Self-Care

Self-Paced Online Course with Bite-Sized & Bingeable Videos for Busy Humans

Learn how you can de-stress FAST and feel more resilient no matter what life throws your way. I've taught this core framework as a popular workshop to companies like Google, Course Hero, Zip HQ, and more.

Learn the neuroscience and energetics behind stress as well as the practical, science-backed exercises you can do to feel more like your best self, on-demand.


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Bite-Sized Self-Care Bootcamp

8-Week Self-Paced Online Course to Reclaim Your Time & Energy PLUS Private Coaching

Shift your relationships to stress, time, and energy and learn to navigate powerful emotions with more ease and grace in this empowering step-by-step online course. Depending on your needs, you can add weekly or biweekly private coaching sessions for up to 6 months of continued support for even more powerful transformations. 

Whether you add coaching or not, you get lifetime access to the online course, which includes short video lessons, journal prompts, my signature Busyness Tracker, recorded meditations, and more! 

Price Varies: $997 - $6000

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[Free] Meditation Magic Bundle

Free Bundle of 5 of My Popular Meditations

Relieve stress, connect with your Higher Self, relax with singing bowls, feel more focused, and get grounded in your body with this powerful bundle of 5 of my favorite recorded meditations––for free!


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Metamorphosis: a Sacred Ceremony to Remagic Your Life

Virtual Ceremony Live or Pre-Recorded

Rediscover your Higher Self and what it means to live connected to the magic within you in this powerful ceremony that combines an Oracle card reading for clarity, conscious connected breathwork to release stuck energy, and a Shamanic Journey to help you reclaim parts of yourself you've forgotten.

You can get instant access to one pre-recorded ceremony for on-demand magic (button below) or you can sign up to attend the next live ceremony. Both are powerful! 


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Modern Mystic Mystery School

Live Group Program

Reclaim your magic amidst the mess of modern life in this 12-week deep-dive into the intuitive arts taught in the supportive container of sisterhood. In this live program, we dive into how to: connect with your Spirit Guides, ancestors, and other helping spirits; clear and protect your energy; manifest what you really want; work with the moon; create spells and more!


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Busyness to Magic: The 95-Day Journal-Planner

Reclaim Your Time & Energy via Bite-Sized Self-Care

Ready to craft a more aligned life? Meet the bite-sized self-care print journal designed for busy, burned out professionals, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and parents alike who are done with the busyness and piles of to-dos and are ready for magic. This step-by-step adventure is the self-paced book version of my signature program!


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Taming of Your Inner Critic


Join our transformative workshop and empower yourself with the tools to conquer stress, unlock your true potential, and turn your dreams into reality.

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Morning Ritual Retreat

Virtual Experience

Are you ready to transform your mornings and supercharge your days? We invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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Evening Rest Ritual Retreat

Virtual Experience

Are you tired of the constant battle with stress and feeling like your goals are slipping through your fingers? It's time to discover a new, simple, and creative approach to rejuvenate your life.

Embrace the Evening Rest Ritual Retreat

Reclaim Your Time & Energy Like Magic


Are you ready to transform your mornings and supercharge your days? We invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery and transformation and create an actionable plan to boost your energy & spend more time on what you really value.

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Bedtime Toolkit


Experience the ultimate path to restful nights

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