The virtual sacred ceremony to help you release stress & remagic your life.


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The virtual ceremony for you to release stress & remagic your life––without adding to the to-do list.


I'm Ready for Magic














Let's remagic modern life... one ceremony at a time

 Most days...

We've got tunnel vision for the to-dos... the ones for work, the ones for our loved ones, and the ones for the necessities (like, what's for dinner... which is the ultimate question, really). 

And after it all, you wind up face-planting on the couch exhausted and wondering, where is the magic?

Where's the time for big-picture thinking, dreaming, and imagining? Where's that deeper sense of embodiment, calm, and connection to our highest selves?

All too often, tending to our magic––the part of us that sparks creativity, true joy, and deeper connection––winds up dead last on our to-do list... if it makes it at all. 

I think it's time we changed that.  

I know carving out space for magic is important to you... and you're busy.


Whether you've been devouring spiritual podcasts, mindfulness classes, or breath work videos for a while now...

or you're just dipping your toes into self-work...

your self-care and spiritual practices don't have to be an all-or-nothing thing. Phew!

Sure, daily rituals will make the biggest difference long-term, but it takes time, effort, and guidance to make them happen...

And while you're excited to learn and integrate, that extra time and effort doesn't feel doable right now. (You've got all those to-dos, after all.)

That's why I started offering my most powerful ceremony yet, Metamorphosis, as a drop-in practice.

You get to release stress, stuck energy, and emotion as well as journey home to your most authentic, magical self––with no pressure or long-term commitment. 

 Your next-level self awaits...

The first time I experienced card reading... I was in fifth grade and wondered what on earth this magic was (and how this lady could know so much about me).

The first time I experienced breath work... my palms were tingling, my mouth was like sandpaper, and I hoped for it to end... until I broke through a stuck emotion and felt the most incredible peace and connectedness.

The first time I experienced a shamanic journey meditation... I had an intense vision of my authentic self that's changed the way I show up every day since. 

Since then... I've mastered these three modalities and swirled them together to create the catalyst for your stress relief and ultimate inner quest: my virtual ceremony Metamorphosis.

"I am very impressed with Emily's intuitive hits, process, and wonderful healing energy. Emily was able to combine a scientific and spiritual approach to stress release which left me feeling truly renewed. Her magical abilities range from on point card readings to guided meditations channeled from source that leave you feeling seen with a positive sense of where to go next in the evolution of your spirit and mind. I highly recommended any service that Emily provides as she clearly has talent and gifts in the art of healing."

– Lindsay Stewart, School Founder, Science Educator & Shamanic Practitioner








The virtual sacred ceremony designed for the modern mystic and the spiritually curious alike so you can step into your power
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What you need to know: 


Metamorphosis happens live about once a month, and you can join once or as many times as you like. 

All ticket holders receive a replay recording the week after the event.

The next live ceremonies are on: 

  • December 7th, 5:30-6:30pm Pacific / 8:30-9:30pm Eastern* 50% off
  • January 18th, 5:30-6:30pm Pacific / 8:30-9:30pm Eastern


  • To join a live ceremony, sign up and pay for your spot ($44 / person) by clicking the button below. After you pay, you'll be guided to select the date. 

  • Before our ceremony, get cozy in your favorite space at home... where you can lay down comfortably as well as sit up. PJs and comfy clothes are encouraged, and I recommend having a journal, pillows, and water nearby. (And if you'd like to bring a partner or kiddo along, feel free to do so or take this time just for you.)

  • Join our ceremony via the virtual meeting link you'll receive via email after you register. I recommend testing the link prior to our start time and joining a few minutes early so you're ready for our transformative, 60-minute experience. You can use your computer (recommended), tablet, or phone. Cameras are optional. 

  • During our ceremony, you'll... help select the card reading via the chat, reflect in your journal, follow a breath practice, and visualize in meditation. You'll be guided through each experience in my signature science-meets-spirit and grounded style so you can release stress, stuck energy, and emotion while reconnecting with your higher self. 

  • The following week after our ceremony, you'll receive the recording via email for your viewing pleasure, whether or not you were able to attend live and as long as you reserved a ticket. 

I teach both the science and spirit of each practice, so all levels of familiarity with spiritual practices, breath work, self-care, and intuition are welcome.

How (to Join):

Ready to release stress and remagic your life? Click the button below to purchase 1 ceremony ticket for $44.

You'll then be directed to another page on which you can select the ceremony time that you'd like to attend. 

All ticket holders will receive the replay recording the following week after the event even if you weren't able to attend live. 

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"I know I'm gifted and sensitive to certain elements and had put that on hold for years... With Emily's help, I feel more connected with my ancestors and spirit guides and see how powerful that connection is. This whole process is messy––all the emotions!––but worth it."

– Shaquana Suggs, Professor, Author, and Digiteer

You can reclaim your magic, too. 

"Metamorphosis always gives me the exact insight I need to completely shift my resistance to whatever I'm going through and tune in with my true needs. It's a dose of clarity and calm, and I look forward to it immensely!"

Dayana Mayfield, SaaS Copywriter & Content Strategist

"Metamorphasis is the 60-minute highlight of my month. It’s hard to put into words how much I release, relax and rebirth in such a short period of time. Emily’s ability to hold space in this container is nothing short of modern magic. I highly recommend this program.”

– Haley Hoover, success coach, intuitive artist, and author

"What a wonderful experience I went through and didn’t know I needed. I want more. Your energy is fantastic."

– Jakeline V, professional in the tech industry

"I felt so invigorated, empowered, and confident afterwards. Big decisions that I’ve been considering didn’t seem so taboo."

– Kristi S, professional in the tech industry

"The experience was transcendental! It was my first time yet it feels like I’ve already done it before because I felt so comfortable and welcoming! I’ve never seen such a safe space with no pressure in interaction and just be. JUST BE!

– Angelika Bantilan, virtual assistant

"This ceremony is such an incredible gift. It blew everything wide open in a much needed way. More than an upgrade, that was an Energetic Catalyst!"

– Jeanine C, personal development coach

"Wow. The breathwork was really intense! I felt like a spirit was moving through me (in the best of ways). I had such a clear vision of my higher self and the gift she gave me."

– Clara V, professional in the tech industry and mom of two

“This ceremony is so powerful! I saw my higher self on the beach drawing a big heart in the sand. She invited me to come down and dip my toe in the water, and she told me that to feel connected and access my heart, I could draw a heart in the air with my finger.”

– Celina A, professional in the tech industry

"Emily’s metamorphosis workshop might be the best thing you can do after work. It's magical! Emily guided the group to clear energy, set an intention, discard what was no longer serving, and invite in something new. It was healing, transformative, and fun!

My energy shifted drastically. I felt calmer and at more peace. And left with clarity around a few aspects of my life.

– Caline Raab, professional in the cosmetic industry

"I really enjoyed the session! This was my first time learning this breathing technique; I did experience tingling and lightheadedness. Listening to Emily's voice guided me through my thoughts to relief. I did experience tears while thinking of how much I need to practice being less serious, bring back my sense of humor, and dance more in life. Loved visualizing the 'doors to my heart' as I want my heart alive for many more years!

– Sue Hager, mom referred by a previous private client

"Work with Emily. She's worth more than every penny you pay her––pure magic!

– Yumi W, professional in the tech industry

"I feel much nicer than I did an hour ago, lol! I'm so relaxed now, I might just fall asleep." 

– Lisa F, professional in the tech industry


release stress & transform your inner world 


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Remembering the spiritual arts changed my life.

 8 years ago, I hit rock-bottom burnout.

I was working 14-hour days at a tech startup after having pivoted from a career in education and academia.

was so focused on contorting my creative self and empathetic heart into the mold of a successful corporate hustler that I didn’t realize how far I’d drifted from my true nature until the Universe hit me with a metaphorical brick.

10 years of chronic stress-induced illness caught up to me and my mind and body shut down.

It took years of research, trial-and-error, and support from both Eastern and Western practitioners to bring me back to myself. 

 My metamorphosis...

I came out the other side with a massive toolkit of modalities from both science and spirit, a life coach credential, yoga and meditation teacher credential, a Reiki Master Teacher credential, and a desire to share this magic with others. 

Now, I guide busy humans to overcome to-do list overwhelm and remagic their lives through corporate workshops, private mentorship, and sacred ceremonies. I've also published a book, Busyness to Magic

When I'm not helping folks reconnect with their magic, I'm studying NLP, making intuitive art, playing with my Havanese puppy Mac, and exploring the woods with my partner in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

If you have any questions, would like to connect, or are curious about deeper support options, please reach out at [email protected].

"If you're considering of doing this for yourself, of investing in yourself, know that it comes back to you, you don't have to earn it, you just deserve to take time for yourself. Take time to build that awareness and invest in yourself––it helps you become the person you want to be."

– Clara Vaknin, User Researcher in the tech industry

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the 60-min virtual ceremony to remagic your life 


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