Go From AHHH! to ahhhh – No Matter What Your "Busy" Looks Like


Craving more magic, connection, and flow amidst the mess of your modern life?

Break out of the "wake up, work, then sleep" funk––no matter how busy you are––with my 5 guided meditation audios for free

When you listen to these meditations, you will:

  • Get out of your head and back into your body so you can focus on what REALLY matters

  • Release stress on demand and ditch the feast-or-famine energy cycle

  • Reconnect with your Higher Self so you can feel more like YOU again

  • Regain your focus and feel clear and confident about what to do next 


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Rave Review for the Meditation Bundle

"I was stuck, stressed out, not feeling confident, and overwhelmed with the day-to-day. And now I have this toolkit. And hope. I don't get stuck in the negativity anymore."

– Stephanie Pérez, Program Specialist in the tech industry

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About  Your Meditation Creator

Emily Schickli is a spiritual mentor, Certified Life Coach, and published author with a Masters in Curriculum Design and English from the University of Chicago. She empowers busy humans to reclaim their time, energy, and sense of magic through personal coaching, corporate workshops, and online courses. Her clients double their energy and feel 1.5 times less stressed and 1.5 times more confident managing their time on average.