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 The 95-Day Busyness to Magic Journal-Planner

Ready to craft a more aligned life? Meet the choose-your own adventure self-care journal designed for busy, burned out professionals, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and parents alike who are done with the busyness and piles of to-dos and are ready for magic. 

Informed by habit psychology research and the power of energetics, this 95-day self-care adventure will guide you to:

  • Regain power and joy in your day-to-day by ditching the "shoulds" and creating your new ways of being

  • Optimize your time so you can check off those big goals you keep adding to your to-do list

  • Finally make self-care doable through bite-sized self-care adventures so you can reclaim your energy (and life)

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Finally make self-care doable, too

It is a coach, a therapist, a best friend, and a planner all in one!

Busyness to Magic is the daily checkin I need every day to stay calm and grounded in the chaos of running my own business. I often feel like time flies so fast and before I know it, weeks can go by without me stopping to check in to see how I am really doing deep down and to see if I am on track to reach my big goals. It is a coach, a therapist, a best friend, and a planner all in one. I am so grateful to you, Emily! Thanks so much for this workbook and all your amazing content online and in your programs - With Much Gratitude, Samantha!

— Samantha Bove




You need this in your life!

If you are someone with too many to-dos and are feeling burnt out, this book is magic ;) This Journal-Planner helped me to get back my time by showing me a new way to organize my schedule. It encourages changes to your habits and mindset around a busy schedule. I also really enjoy the weekly reflections and inspirational quotes. The self-care integrated into my planner is a great way to build in daily care.

— Danielle Zaffaroni

Thrilled with this book

This book is a GEM and filled with wisdom, practical strategies that have already started to make a difference immediately. Yes, there is work involved here, but it's soul care work as well as self-care work. Emily's simple, profound 5 Steps to Magic really ARE helping me lead a more "aligned, magical life." Here's to more time, energy, productivity, and positivity. Thank you, Emily!

— Meredith Newlin

This journal is magic!

This book is so thoughtfully laid out, supporting you in mapping out your goals with intention and care. In a world where we can get caught up in endless "shoulds" or busyness (running around but always feeling behind), this journal and planner is a great tool to generate action from an aligned place. The book builds in helpful reminders to nourish ourselves along the path of tending to our to-dos with more joy. There's space to play, reflect, and vision, plus helpful tips and resources over the 95-day journey. So glad to have found this great guidebook and highly recommend it!

— Jeanine C

A must-have for besting burnout

Emily has put in a tremendous amount of thought and detail to this product, and it shows! From busyness trackers to daily check-ins, this book is your go-to for beating burnout and finding your own rhythm of calm and zen. This is so much more than self-care. I highly recommend Emilys Journal.

— Haley

Emily's 5-step process to reduce overwhelm is a game-changer!

I especially loved her busyness tracker because it helped me REALLY look at how I’m spending my time… Talk about a reality check! My stress level has decreased by at least half and I'm finding more time to do things that I enjoy!

— Caline Raab

 Reclaim Your Time & Energy:

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About the Author

Emily Schickli is a Self-Care and Intuition Coach, Workplace Workshop Leader and a Choose-Your-Own Adventure Maker with a Masters in English and Curriculum Design from the University of Chicago. She’s also a Certified Life Coach, Certified Yoga and Meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and Oracle card creator who has led workshops for companies like Google, Microsoft, Course Hero, and more, been interviewed on podcasts like Yoga Magic and Fearless and Successful, and appeared in outlets like ThriveGlobal.

Through her coaching programs, she’s supported her clients in doubling their energy and increasing their ability to manage their time by 1.4x, resulting in shifts like big promotions, new business ventures, healed trauma, renewed purpose, and deeper relationships. When not working, she’s playing with her Havanese pup, Mac, and designing her own Oracle deck in the SF Bay Area.


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