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✨ Rave Review for the Intuitive To-Do ✨

β€œThe biggest value Mind Body Dharma provided me was the ability to break down problems and goals into manageable, understandable, and achievable β€œtiny habits.” Instead of getting trapped in the anxiety of analysis and action, I now feel confident in my ability to make true progress. The journey is almost as important as the destination.”

– Lindsay Alford, Executive Director of & Google Program Manager

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Add your personal email address to get the guide. Big company @domains will not receive it.  

Meet your to-do list creator

Emily Schickli is a spiritual mentor, Certified Life Coach, and published author with a Masters in Curriculum Design and English from the University of Chicago. She specializes in empowering busy, burned out professionals to reclaim their time, energy, and magic through her signature bite-sized self-care process and intuitive coaching methods. As a result of her work, her clients have doubled their energy, felt 1.5 times less stressed, and 1.5 times more confident managing their time. She also hosts arts-meets-wellness workshops for companies like Google, Microsoft, Course Hero, and more and has been featured in multiple media outlets.