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Stressed at work? Spiritual seeker?
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Stressed out at work?

Spiritual seeker?

Ready to live your full potential?

You’re in the right place.

SF Bay Area Retreat

Coming Soon: PlayFest RWC

This October, join me and 5 other speakers for a 1.5 day retreat of immersive experiences and Bite-Sized Self-CareTM practices to help you create more freedom (& joy!) in all areas of your life through the power of play.

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The Intuitive To-Do List 5-Step Guide to Overcome Overwhelm

Does your to-do list have you knotted into a serious ball of stress? Ditch to-do list doom and discover my 5-step process that will completely change how you feel about all those tasks you need, and want, to get done. You'll feel more productive and clear about how to tackle it all. It's like magic!

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Too Many To-Dos & Too Little Time

 If you're like most, 

you probably have a to-do list that feels more like a wish list for everything in your life––from groceries to work tasks to social follow-ups to your biggest "someday" dreams. 

And you probably find yourself wondering: 

...when can I get it all done? 

...when will I have enough energy to do what I actually want to be doing?

...when can I face-plant on the couch or book that dreamy vacation to escape from it all?

You're overscheduled, overwhelmed, and over it. And you're not alone. 

 We've lost the magic...

When we're young, we find joy sticking our hands in paint or rolling in the grass.

We find time to delight in a delicious batch of cookies.

We have the energy for playdates with friends. 

We're tuned in to what lights us up, and who we really are.

But as we age, we ditch spontaneous laughter and insatiable curiosity for shoulds, responsibilities, and to-dos.

In pursuit of getting more done, we lose that sense of magic, playfulness, and wonder.

And that feeds our chronic stress, which eventually leads to burnout.

I think it's time we brought the magic back into our lives––without having to quit all the things––don't you? 

Great ways to start...

Art + Wellbeing
Team Workshops

Relieve stress and increase productivity in your corporate team or private group with virtual workshops that combine neuroscience and creativity for maximum results.

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To-Do List Guide
Free Guide to Overcome Overwhelm

Ditch overwhelm with my intuitive 5-step process that will change how you feel about all the to-dos cluttering your mind. You'll feel more productive and clear about how to tackle it all.

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Strategy Session
Personal Coaching

Get clarity on what's blocking you and explore private coaching to reclaim your time, energy, and magic with a complimentary 45-minute Self-Care Strategy Session. 

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Hey there, I’m Emily Schickli

Workplace Wellbeing Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor, Burnout Coach, and more


  I used to feel like...

I was running on a hamster wheel that couldn't stop.

Then 8 years ago, I burned out while working at a startup in Silicon Valley. I could no longer ignore the daily migraines, chronic pain, and my deeper cravings for rest––and magic. 

I went through years of spiritual discovery, scientific research, and guided support, but eventually I healed my relationships to stress, time, and energy as well as shifted my unconscious beliefs.

Since then, I've been coaching and leading workshops for busy humans who are ready to ditch the to-do list overwhelm, prioritize self-care, and discover something more––whether that's greater self-harmony, deeper relationships, intuitive gifts, or life purpose.

My clients double their energy, feel 1.5 times more confident managing their time, and 1.5 times less stressed, on average.
I'd love to support you, too.

clients include:

Let's Remagic Your Life, Too

Greater wellbeing, more childlike joy, and success at work can all be yours. 
Boost Workplace Wellbeing

Team Building Workshops & Corporate Events

Does your company want employees to be happier, less stressed, more focused, and more productive? I offer a selection of virtual, hybrid and in-person art and wellbeing workshops for teams and groups, including Stress Rx: Beat Burnout via Bite-Sized Self-Care, The Art (& Science!) of Intuitive Card Reading, and Overcome To-Do List Overwhelm & Prioritize like a Pro. Customizations available.

I’ve led workshops for companies like Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Course Hero, 2U, ZipHQ, Uber, Scale AI, and more.

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Reclaim Your Time, Energy & Magic

Private Mentorship, Coaching & Energy Work

Get the bespoke support you need from an embodied mentor to shift your relationships to your self, relationships, time, energy, work, stress, and beliefs so you can finally craft the life you really really want.

Whether you're looking for a one-off session to gain clarity on a specific area, energy clearing to reconnect to yourself or longer term mentoring, you'll learn research-backed strategies and energetic tools to help you ditch old habits, rewire limiting beliefs, and create bite-sized self-care and sacred rituals that fuel your day and feed your soul. 

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Reawaken Your Magic

Metamorphosis: a Sacred Ceremony

Modern life rarely leaves space for you to put away the to-dos and reconnect to your higher self. But when we do remember the truth and power of who we are, we unlock new possibilities, opportunities, and pathways for ourselves. 

Taught live 4-6 times a year, these virtual ceremonies are powerful catalysts for personal transformation and healing. In it, you'll rediscover the power of setting intentions, breath work, and shamanic journeying to release stress and reclaim your deeper sense of self.

Discover Ceremony
Bite-Sized Self-CareTM Support for Specific Challenges

DIY Courses, Group Programs & Recorded Workshops

Whether you're feeling stressed out and overwhelmed or you're looking to invite more magic into your modern life, my variety of self-paced courses and workshops can support you!

Check out the latest offerings over on my courses and freebies page to see what feels like the best fit. And if you need help deciding, reach out via email, and we can chat!

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DIY Stress Relief

Busyness to Magic: The 95-Day Journal-Planner to Beat Burnout

Ready to craft a more aligned life? Meet the choose-your own adventure self-care journal designed for busy, burned out professionals, entrepreneurs, and parents alike who are done with the piles of to-dos and are ready for more magic.

Informed by habit psychology research and the power of energetics, this 95-day self-care adventure will guide you to optimize your time and finally make self-care doable through bite-sized adventures.

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Get Clarity & Make Aligned Decisions

Private Oracle Card Readings

Can’t figure out what’s blocking you from reaching your goals? Waffling over an important decision? Want to learn more about yourself?

Check out my down-to-earth, ethical, and East-meets-West Intuitive Card Readings––beloved by those who get regular readings and skeptics alike. I use a grounded, psychological approach to card reading that helps you activate your intuition and unlock your unconscious mind so you can move forward with more ease and confidence. No fortune telling or problematic self-fulfilling prophecies in sight!

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What Clients Are Saying:

"I will sing Emily's praises to anybody who will listen. Emily helped me remember myself. I would tell anyone who's on the fence to just try to get quiet, listen and go with their intuition on it. But I think that even if they're scared that change isn't going to happen, or it feels like a big investment, just do it. 

Do something for yourself because it's going to impact everyone around you. And it's worth it."

–– Lara Ho, Mom of Two 

"Basically, what Emily does is help you love yourself. She helps you focus on the things you’re struggling with that you don’t even think you’re struggling with enough to fix them.

Two months ago I would've been super frustrated with myself, and now I'm just not. She’s magic.”

–– Asha Jones, Fraud Analyst in FinTech

"Emily helped me refocus on understanding my energy and taught me the bite-sized tools to create emotional boundaries throughout the day. I now work with my natural energy, let go of the idea of the 2-hour morning routine, rest when I need to, and write at night. 

I have so much more energy to sustain me now and can count on it to help me focus on what matters."

– Stephanie Zhong, Brand Strategist and Story Coach

"Emily led a workshop for our group at Microsoft. Emily is a strong facilitator for personal growth and brings together science and spirituality in a really cool and accessible way. She created an inviting and warm environment, got us all engaged and interacting even though it was an online event, and encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and connect with ourselves and each other. We can't recommend her as a workshop leader enough!"

– Valeria Goncharenko, Program Manager II at Microsoft

Not Sure Where to Start?

Send our team an email to see which service is right for you! Emily can help you overcome to-do list overwhelm and stress, create self-care rituals, discover your purpose, reconnect with your intuition, and craft a more magical life.

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