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Boost Employee Wellbeing & Creativity with Team Workshops

 Does your team or community feel drained?

...and it's only Monday afternoon?

Is virtual meeting fatigue or burnout taking over?

Do new members come in blazing…only to have their productivity or engagement dwindle after 6 months?

You want a happier, healthier workforce or community, less turnover, more creativity, greater productivity, and deeper connection. 

But in today’s technology-saturated world––healing from a global pandemic––it means the old methods of reducing stress no longer work… especially at work. 

Here's what we can do about that: introducing work life balance workshops. 

 I’ve taught workshops...

for companies and nonprofits like Google, Microsoft, Course Hero, Allies for Every Child, and more to help employees ditch the endless distractions and gain the modern tools they need to become less stressed, more balanced, and productive. 

I’ve also led workshops for communities like the Quench Collective, The Transformed Teacher Summit, Peacebank Yoga Studio, East West Bookshop, and Litmus LIVE Conference to support individual growth and group engagement.

Through my signature method, I’ve guided busy humans to double their energy and feel 1.5 times more confident managing their time, which has had a direct positive result on their wellbeing AND productivity––resulting in deeper relationships, a greater sense of purpose, more projects completed, better review ratings, and even promotions.

Let's Support Your Team, Together

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Reduce Stress with Science-Backed Research & Intuitive Art

I offer virtual work-life balance workshops globally and in-person workshops in the SF Bay Area on: mind-body wellness, stress and burnout relief, intuitive decision-making, creative thinking, and productivity.

Popular workshops include:

  • Free From Stress: Regulate Your Nervous System & Beat Burnout via Bite-Sized Self-Care
  • Stress Alchemy: An Intuitive Art & Mindfulness Workshop
  • Overcome To-Do List Overwhelm & Prioritize Like a Pro in 5 Steps
  • The Taming of Your Inner Critic (Through Drawing & Journaling)
  • Reclaim Your Time & Energy––Like Magic!
  • Become Your Own Oracle: The Art (& Science!) of Intuitive Card Reading
  • Master Your Intuition: The Art & Practice of Powerful Decision-Making
  • Knitting 101: The Art & Science of Stress Relief
  • Mastering the Art (& Myth!) of Work-Life Balance
  • Yoga & Functional Movement Classes
  • Accessible Meditation, Breath work, and Sound Bath Experiences

 …and more! 

Customizations available upon request.

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Support Your Team & Your KPIs

These powerful experiences support your team's wellbeing and increase their impact on your bottom line.

With a workshop, you can:

  • Boost overall wellbeing, cultivate work-life balance, bond as a team or group, and learn transferrable skills
  • Release stress through science-backed strategies and practices that chip away at burnout
  • Increase time and task management skills to improve productivity
  • Prioritize with greater ease and confidence 
  • Enhance creative thinking, self-confidence, and effective communication

On average, my clients double their energy and feel 1.5 times less stressed after working with me.

Here's Your Sneak-Peek:

(I know you want one)

Here’s a short clip from my “The Art (& Science!) of Intuitive Card Reading” workshop, which I’ve taught for a variety of audiences including Google and Microsoft employees.

This workshop offers a modern approach to card reading as a personal development tool (not fortune-telling), and how it can help you make more aligned decisions in business and life.

"The Art (& Science!) of Intuitive Card Reading"

Here’s a 10-minute work-life balance workshop I did for the 2020 Litmus LIVE Conference, focusing on the science behind stress and how introducing what I call bite-sized self-care can help reduce burnout.

"How to De-Stress in 10 Minutes Through Bite-Sized Self-Care"

Let's Support Your Team, Together

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Meet Your Workshop Leader

Emily Schickli loves guiding busy humans to reclaim their time, energy, and personal power through habit psychology, art, and research-backed bite-sized self-care practices. She’s a certified: Life Coach; Yoga and Meditation Teacher; Shamanic Healer; NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher, who has 10 years of experience working in the tech industry. She also has a Masters in Curriculum Design and English from the University of Chicago.

When she’s not supporting folks in bringing more magic into their modern lives, she’s creating mixed media art, writing creative fiction, and training her Havanese puppy Mac in the SF Bay Area, where she lives with her partner and 50+ plant babies.

Rave Reviews

"Emily is a strong facilitator for personal growth and brings together science and spirituality in a really cool and accessible way.

Emily led a lunchtime workshop for our Women in Windows and Devices group at Microsoft as a way for us to connect with each other and get creative. We loved learning how to work with our intuition to make better decisions and even made some art: our own intention cards for the new year! She created an inviting and warm environment, got us all engaged and interacting even though it was an online event, and encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and connect with ourselves and each other. We can't recommend her as a workshop leader enough!"

- Valeria Goncharenko, Program Manager II at Microsoft

Emily helped Googlers gain more clarity into their challenges and identify opportunities for greater wellbeing through her booth and interactive workshop on work-life balance at our Wellness Fair. Emily was a natural and her bright yellow booth stood out as a positive beacon, where she offered her signature and unique approach to card reading as personal development.

Since then, she’s taught several actionable virtual workshops: “The Art (& Science!) of Intuitive Card Reading,” “The Art (& Myth!) of Work-Life Balance,” and “Knitting 101: The Art & Science of Stress Relief” through our Arts program. She continues to be a hit!”

- Lindsay Alford, Executive Director of & Google Program Manager

"Emily led a 6-week series of virtual yoga classes towards the end of 2020 and a 6-week virtual meditation series during Mental Health Awareness Month to help our employees de-stress and feel more balanced when overwhelm was at an all-time high. We weren’t sure what to expect from a digital wellness series with an outside consultant, but Emily exceeded expectations the first time so much so that we hired her again in May. Emily was a pleasure to work with, happy to make customizations based on our team needs, and even explained the neuroscience behind the East meets West practices she was teaching so employees could understand why they are effective. For the series, she leveraged her considerable expertise to design a progressive program that was appropriate for beginners and helped attendees deepen their stress resilience, self-awareness, and connection to themselves."

- Natalia C., Event Planner at a SF Bay Area Tech Company

"For Mental Health Awareness Month, we brought Emily in to do a “Stress Relief Workshop” and guided meditation. She accommodated the event to a virtual format so that we could do it during shelter-in-place.

We had 18+ attendees at the event, and our employees raved about the stress relief techniques we practiced together during the workshop. Some people were new to meditation, and they had their first chance at it during the online workshop as well. Emily was also very flexible to the attendees needs, allowing people to turn off their video if they wanted to and giving them a safe space to talk about how they respond to stress.

By the end of the workshop, our employees had the tools to cope with stress along with a meditation they could model themselves.

It was a successful event, and I would recommend Emily for any corporate events related to wellness! It was a pleasure to have her present at Scale AI."

- June Lee, Scale & Zip HQ

“I have attended Emily's workshops (“The Art of Intuitive Card Reading” and “The “Art” (& Myth!) of Work-Life Balance”) and I have learned some amazing mindfulness techniques through the playfulness and fun of creating art. Emily is incredibly attentive to questions and comments and offers such a calming environment and safe space to be vulnerable with our intentions, fears, and goals.

She provides practical and novel ways of stepping back to view common challenges from new perspectives that reduce overwhelm. Her tips have become such a huge help in navigating everyday life/stress and it has made me more confident in developing and trusting my own intuitive process. If you’re considering having Emily lead a workshop, team building event, private coaching session, or personal reading, don’t hesitate—just reach out!”

- Chelsy Baculi, Workplace Program Coordinator at a SF Bay Area Tech Company

"I attended Emily's Art (& Science!) of Intuitive Card Reading Workshop, and it was a perfect blend of basics and going more in-depth.

I really enjoyed the space to not only learn more about card reading and how to view it as a choose-your-own adventure story, but also see an example reading and create our own cards!"

- Hannah Strenger, Queer Guide

“The cards have been absolutely magical to produce and to give. I’ve made six sets so far and given two. Both recipients were incredibly touched. One person said how valuable it was for her to have a friend who knows her deep inside. She said she truly felt seen. 

So thank you for helping make this gifting season so heartfelt and meaningful.”

- Robin Chinn, Corporate Workshop Attendee

The Yoga session with Emily was one of the best I've ever experienced. If you're looking for a full-body activity to stretch out, her program is all about removing stress and any pinches or pressure you might feel in your body from a long day. If you work for long hours behind the desk, you know what I'm talking about... To me, the best part of Emily's class was the end of, where she finished our exercise with a world-class 10-minute mindfulness meditation. I've done group meditations before, but this one by far was the best, and it felt easy to follow. Her guidance allowed me to accept my weaknesses and strength and try to empower my mind and find happiness with the day I had, regardless of how bad the day was. I highly recommend Emily's classes, and I cannot wait for the next one."

- Ali Eslamifar, Former Staff UX Designer at Course Hero

"From the very first class, our swimmers have connected with and been motivated by Emily's interactive style. Emily is knowledgeable and attentive to each of our athlete's needs. She explains the benefits for each pose, outlines modifications, and always connects the movements back to the sport. Our athletes have greatly improved their flexibility, body awareness, balance, and coordination. We appreciate Emily's attention to detail and love working with her!"

- Laura Mitchell, Business Owner & Youth Swim Coach at Alto Swim Club, LLC

"I never had a great yoga experience prior to taking Emily's sessions. The classes I took in the past didn't feel very inclusive because it felt like I was always out of place. Even enrolling in beginner-level classes, I felt very uncomfortable and always regretted taking the class. Emily's classes made me feel very comfortable and it is actually good for all levels! It was also an amazing experience to de-stress in the middle of a busy work day. It helped me with my headaches and I found a great way to de-stress!"

- Kristina Kanemoto, People Ops. Coordinator II at Course Hero

"Thank you so much for your class on weaving tapestry! I really enjoyed it. As I am now finished with 2 small tapestries, I am thinking of buying a bigger loom to keep weaving."

- Isabel Povoa, Corporate Workshop Attendee of The Art of Intuitive Tapestry Weaving

“Having the time and space to share, meditate, and connect with other women at Emily’s in-person retreat in the woods was very powerful. Emily created a warm, inviting experience that was tailored to individual needs and was accessible for all.

I came away with many meaningful suggestions on how to incorporate meditation practices into my daily routine. What a beautiful and relaxing weekend!”

- Laura Easton, Middle School History and Science Teacher at JLS

“What a great weekend getaway - beautiful nature, great food, company, and relaxing yoga and meditation exercises. It was a good opportunity to re-evaluate what wellness means to me and come away with tangible ways I can integrate things like yoga and meditation into my daily life.”

- Alice Taylor, Training and Quality Lead @ Youtube

“This weekend retreat was a really great opportunity to slow down and reconnect with myself. Group retreats can be a little harrowing for me because I really value my ‘alone time.’ But, I felt that this retreat held a lot of space for that while encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and connect meaningfully with the rest of the group.”

- Jordan Mancuso, PHD Materials Engineer at a Biotech Startup

"In class, I set my intention to see a flame if I was on the right track with my planner project. The image in my art card is of my logo, basically a flame and a star (inner knowing and northstar). Monday, I went to Orange Theory where I just started working out. I noticed a little flame on the treadmill and thought, "hey that kinda looks like my logo flame". Totally didn't register that I had just seen my flame. So the universe was kind enough to have me forget to remove my pulse monitor which I then had to take back after I dropped my son off at preschool. When I pulled up in front of Orange Theory this time, the big flame on the window registered! Sweet! Thanks for the confirmation universe!!!"

- Ashley Jack, Card Reading Workshop Participant

"What a powerful experience! I was genuinely surprised at the image that came up during the meditation to bring to mind our inner critic. It helped shine a light on aspects of recent issues that I hadn't considered. I especially liked finding a way to tame that critic once it appeared and identify the need behind it."

- Dawn, The Taming of the Inner Critic Workshop Participant

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