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Become Your Own Oracle

Reclaim Your Intuitive Power by Mastering the Art of Card Reading with ANY Deck











Become Your Own Oracle

Reclaim Your Intuitive Power by Mastering the Art of Card Reading with ANY Deck

Do any of these sound like you?

You're tired of...

  • Wishing you could have a (or another) magical ritual you love  
  • Worrying you’re too logical or not intuitive enough to read cards
  • Feeling like you have to see this psychic or that reader to get insight
  • Polling everyone else’s opinions when you’re trying to make a decision 
  • Seeing your card deck(s) collect dust on your bookshelf
  • Trying to memorize card meanings or read millions of guidebooks
  • Getting lost in the noise of card reading how-to videos and advice 
  • Not knowing how to apply what your readings say to your actual life

 I've experienced ALL of these feelings.

 Growing up...

I had a really hard time making decisions––I'd ask family, friends, and sometimes people I just met what I should do about this situation or that. I even applied early decision to college just to limit my options! 

For years, I wished I had a crystal ball to help me move through life… I didn’t realize I was really searching for a deeper connection to myself and my intuition. 

In my search, I got readings from psychics and card readers predicting when I’d meet my next romantic partner or hit my next career milestone…only to feel more anxious and powerless than I did before. 

In my early twenties, I decided to figure out how to read cards on my own. Naturally, I got all the how-to books and tried to memorize meanings…only to get overwhelmed and give up. 

I see you, dear heart. You have great capacity for magic.

 Years later...

After my rock-bottom burnout and subsequent spiritual awakening about 8 years ago, I surrendered to my intuition and leaned on practices I learned from other magical traditions – like mediumship, shamanism, Reiki, and Jungian psychology.

This time, card reading felt easeful, intuitive, and full of flow. The more I practiced, the more insights I gained about my next career moves, my intuitive gifts, my relationships…you name it. Ultimately, card reading helped me deepen my self-understanding and recognize my own power. 

That’s when I realized we’ve been going about card reading all wrong.  

Since then, I've done hundreds of readings in my unique intuitive-meets-psychological style for clients and loved ones, and now for the first time, I'm teaching my method in an accessible, self-paced online course.














Oracle card reading is more than a magical hobby or way to find answers – it’s the practice of getting to know your intuitive power.
Oracle card reading is more than a magical hobby or way to find answers – it’s the practice of getting to know your intuitive power.


Become Your Own Oracle

The Self-Paced Online Course to Master Intuitive Card Reading––Without Having to Memorize A Thing 

 You'll get access to:

  • A step-by-step, repeatable process and magical ritual you can use to intuitively read ANY card deck (yep!) – without a guidebook or memorizing meanings
  • 4 modules of bite-sized and bingeable videos (with captions) designed for busy humans that walk you through everything from connecting with your intuition to picking a deck to reading for others
  • “Do It With Me” immersive card reading practices to build your skill set, self-trust, and confidence
  • Accessible PDF handouts and journal prompts to take your practice deeper 
  • Email support to ask questions and get help throughout the course
  • Special 20% off discount to book a private reading with Emily
  • [BONUS] DIY art workshop so you can make your own abstract Oracle cards – no art skills required!
  • "Lifetime" access to the course – as long as it exists on the internet and in my offerings, you'll have access

There's a whole new way of being waiting for you. 

By the end of this course, you’ll: 
  • Feel empowered to read ANY card deck for yourself and others (and apply the wisdom!)––without a guidebook or memorizing meanings
  • Trust yourself more and know how to leverage your intuitive gifts––even if you thought you didn’t have any!
  • Feel confident making more aligned decisions in all areas of your life––without having to ask anyone else for their input (unless you want to)
  • Reconnect to the magic within you through a repeatable, doable, and powerful ritual you love
  • Feel more connected to your higher self, Spirit, your guides, and the Universe…so you always feel supported no matter what life throws your way

"I know I'm gifted and sensitive to certain elements and had put that on hold for years... With Emily's help, I feel more connected with my ancestors and spirit guides and see how powerful that connection is. If I could do this journey with Emily all over again, I would." 

–Shaquana Suggs, Professor, Author, and Digiteer

"I trust myself more and really recognize my intuition and gifts now. I’m able to connect to myself and spirit so much deeper. I especially loved connecting with my Higher Self and want to do that more––it’s the key to my continued growth and expansion!"

–Elizabeth Lewis, Founder of Detroit Mom, Lansing Moms, and Retreat to Reclaim

"Basically, what Emily does is help you love yourself. She helps you focus on the things you’re struggling with that you don’t even think you’re struggling with enough to fix them. Two months ago I would've been super frustrated with myself, and now I'm just not. She’s magic.”

–– Asha Jones, Fraud Analyst in FinTech


Modern Mystic Mystery School

a sacred sisterhood and grounded spiritual academy to infuse more magic into your modern life

Let's Look Inside the Course...

5 Modules of Magic:

Each week starting November 13th, you'll get access to a module of bite-sized, bingeable videos designed to take you through each step toward mastery. 

Module 1:

Why Read Cards & How to Pick a Deck
  • What is intuitive card reading and how it can positively impact your life
  • Tarot vs. Oracle: what you need to know
  • Guiding principles for intuitive card reading (psst––ditch the guidebook and here’s why)
  • How to pick the right deck for you
  • Bonus: PDF shopping guide of my favorite Oracle card decks

Module 2:

Getting to Know Your Oracle Card Deck 


  • Do It With Me Drill: Meet Your Deck Meditation
  • How to discover and use your primary intuitive styles to unlock insights and make decisions
  • Do It With Me Drill: how to shuffle and pick cards
  • How to leverage archetypes in readings and work with your unconscious mind
  • Do It With Me Drill: Daily card pull to build a relationship with your deck
  • How to clear your deck––myths and tips

Module 3:

The Art of Reading Cards
  • How to build a card reading ritual you love
  • Do It With Me Drill: Grounding meditation
  • How to ask questions for powerful readings
  • Downloadable question formula worksheet
  • Do It With Me Drill: Card Perspective Shift Game
  • How to use your intuition to interpret cards
  • Do It With Me Drill: Enter the world of the card meditation and interpretive practice
  • How to turn readings into aligned actions
  • How to track patterns in your readings

Module 4:

Leveling Up Your Practice
  • Card reading spreads 101
  • PDF guide with my favorite card spreads
  • How to make your own card spreads
  • How to leverage storytelling to deepen your interpretations and read like a pro
  • Mix and match: how to read with multiple decks
  • How to ethically read into the future –without creating self-fulfilling prophecies
  • How to read for others and reader ethics

Bonus Module 5:

Card Reading Playtime
  • Recorded DIY art workshop that was taught live: how to make your own intuitive art Oracle cards to gain deeper wisdom––no advanced art skills required!
  • How to bring your kids in on the fun, too!

Plus Live Support:

Email Support
  • At any time, students may email Emily to ask questions about their card reading practice and the course material

With the teachings in this course, you’ll go…

 From this...

  • Wishing you had clarity or maybe even a roadmap to make decisions in your life
  • Wondering how you can access your intuition without relying on someone else
  • Feeling guilty about the unused Oracle cards taking up space in your closet 
  • Hearing about magical practices like card reading, but consistency has always been hard for you
  • Struggling to ditch the guidebook or apply your readings to your actual life


 To  this...

  • Having a repeatable, doable process to make aligned decisions – even in times of uncertainty and stress
  • Feeling connected to your unconscious mind, intuition, higher self, guides, Spirit, and/or the universe
  • Loving your magical card reading ritual that helps you feel grounded, a little witchy, and very empowered
  • Sharing your intuitive gifts with loved ones (and maybe even clients!) by giving readings of your own
  • Resonating with the insights your readings provide about your most complex life challenges
Open yourself up to a whole new state of being and wonder. The Universe has your back.

It’s time to reclaim your intuitive power.


"Emily has a true gift in card reading. The accuracy of her reading stunned me. I found myself crying halfway through! She was able to verbalize so many questions I had been asking myself deep within, and provide clear guidance toward a better understanding. I still reflect on the explanations she gave and feel her reading helping me navigate through uncertainty. I cannot recommend her readings highly enough!"

- Emily Listmann, Mindfulness Educator of Mindful & Well Education

"I attended Emily's mini Art (& Science!) of Intuitive Card Reading Workshop, and it was a perfect blend of basics and going more in-depth. I really enjoyed the space to not only learn more about card reading and how to view it as a choose-your-own adventure story, but also see an example reading and create our own cards!"

- Hannah Strenger, Queer Guide

"Though I was initially skeptical as someone who was never into card reading, I decided to try something new as I really liked Emily's energy. The experience was not only a lot of fun but also very insightful. The process pointed out numerous things that were true about my personality, and, in fact, where I was at my life in that moment. In so doing, this exercise offered an opportunity to reflect on how I might better navigate important upcoming decisions. I would certainly work with Emily again."

- Adrian Baker, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

When you join the Become Your Own Oracle Course...

You’ll get access to:

  • A step-by-step and repeatable process to connect with your intuition, pick a deck that’s right for you, interpret cards for yourself and others, transform readings into practical action steps, create your own spreads, and craft a magical ritual you love
  • 4 modules broken into bite-sized and bingeable videos (with captions) accessibly designed for busy humans
  • “Do It With Me” immersive card reading practices to build your skill set, self-trust, and confidence
  • Accessible PDF handouts and journal prompts to take your practice deeper 
  • Email support to ask questions and get help throughout the course
  • Special 20% off discount to book a private reading with Emily
  • [BONUS] DIY art workshop: “Intuitive Art Oracle Card Workshop” to show you how to make your own Oracle cards, no skills required!
  • "Lifetime" access to the course – as long as it exists on the internet and in my offerings, you'll have access. You'll also get any future updates to the content included. 

 Your Energy Exchange:

First module releases November 13th. Subsequent modules drop every 1-2 following weeks until all 5 modules are released.

Pay in Full


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Payment Plan


6 Monthly Payments


Feel confident with my 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

I’m 100% confident in this transformative process and the magic you can create by showing up for yourself in this program. I want you to feel that way too.  

If you decide Become Your Own Oracle is not the right fit for any reason and would like to exit the program before the second module releases, email me at [email protected]  by November 19th, and I’ll give you a full refund. 

Early Bird Bonus:

Save Money & Get a Free Ceremony

When you join by November 6th, you'll save over $100 AND get this bonus:









Breath it in. Breathe it out. Trust yourself, and you'll awaken your power.


1 Free Metamorphosis Ceremony Ticket

Attend one of my monthly live virtual ceremony circles free of charge. These virtual ceremonies are powerful energetic upgrades designed to guide you to a greater state of ease, intuitive connection, and magnetism through 3 of my favorite practices: a group intuitive card reading, a powerful breath work ritual, and a guided shamanic journey meditation. 

Bonus Value: $44

Join before 11:55pm Pacific Time on November 6th to receive this bonus. 

Pay in Full

$444 $333

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Payment Plan

$79/mo $58/mo

6 Monthly Payments

On Sale until Nov 6th


"I will sing Emily's praises to anybody who will listen. Emily helped me remember myself. I would tell anyone who's on the fence to just try to get quiet, listen and go with their intuition on it. But I think that even if they're scared that change isn't going to happen, or it feels like a big investment, just do it. Do something for yourself because it's going to impact everyone around you. And it's worth it."

–– Lara Ho, Mom of Two 

“I have always been very skeptical of card readings and not a fan of Tarot. Emily’s intuitive readings, on the other hand, make me feel safe and not like I’m tapping into something dark or ominous.  

I really appreciate the spot-on feedback I've gotten from every reading. It’s exciting and always validates my feelings and emotions both in the moment and longer term. It also helps me break those feelings down and allows me to learn more about myself. It’s so comforting and has validated my intuition." 

 – Stephanie Pérez, Program Specialist in the Tech Industry

“Before my Intuitive Reading with Emily, I was feeling stuck and burnt out. There were so many different directions I could go professionally, but none were feeling particularly aligned with my personal goals - and I felt like I never had enough time to just sit and breathe and sink into this deeper issue.

When I booked a reading with Emily, I had an immediate download about an hour later of a personal creative project that I am now obsessed with - and that was BEFORE our reading even happened (Emily - are you magic?!)

During the reading, Emily kicks off the session with a relaxing meditation and then begins to pull the cards. Everything she said resonated so deeply, and stirred up some underlying issues and some new & exciting opportunities that felt much more aligned for my business and life goals.

I left our session feeling like I had a giant exhale - and spent the rest of day feeling less stressed with more ease and clarity. Highly recommend booking a reading with Emily - it's worth 10x the price!"

– Melissa Cassera, Professional Screenwriter & Publicity Strategist

One exercise. Massive clarity.

I want to give you the gift of playing with this kind of magic so you can make the most aligned choice and move into the next phase of your evolution, whatever that may be. 

Read through the following meditation, then close your eyes and journey on your own. You can also send me an email at [email protected] if you’d like a recorded version––and if you have any questions about the Modern Mystic Mystery School.

What Card Reading Is...

and Is Not

Welcome your higher self back home to your heart.
Oracle Card Reading is NOT About…
  • Looking into the future to predict whether something will or won’t happen 
  • Giving your power away to some occult object or outside expert
  • Getting super “witchy”... unless you want to of course :)
Not Enough Sage in the World for This Shit.
Oracle Card Reading IS About…
  • Bringing forward how you feel now and what dynamics, energies, beliefs, and feelings are under the surface in any situation
  • Tapping into your own intuition to help you make informed and aligned decisions
  • Remembering who you truly are and what your purpose is in this life 
  • Creating a ritual to help you feel grounded, connected, and divinely supported
Your higher self is you, and together, you will show up more unapologetically you than you ever have before.

"I just did a Heroine's Journey reading with Emily! She uses Oracle cards and structures it like a story. It was such a cool experience and kind of like opening your eyes of where you're at right now and the things that you're working through. She's really married her interests in science and spirituality through this session! And when I had her on my podcast, we talked about the science behind the spiritual practices that she incorporates in her work, and how she uses card reading and self-care to unlock our intuition, our confidence, and our resilience."

–– Taylor Grewe, Human Design Reader & Content Coach

"I was so honored to have the incredible Emily host a workshop for our meet-up. She was such a joy to work with––she truly provided transformational information and an enjoyable experience for attendees. Emily knows her subject matter in and out, holds so much empathy, and I would say displays so much courage and leadership in what and how she brings her gifts to the world. Emily was able to give attendees tactical, tangible tools they can use over and over again by simply tapping deeper into themselves. She was able to take something that feels extremely complex, and break it down in the most simple, effective, and not to mention, intentional way."

– Grace Blacksea, CEO of Quench Collective

Meet Your Instructor

Trust that you are supported. Allow joy to fill your heart and wonder at all the possibilities before you.

 Hi, I'm Emily Schickli

Emily empowers busy humans to reclaim their time, energy, and sense of magic through personal coaching, online courses, corporate workshops, sacred ceremonies, and her published book, From Busyness to Magic.

She’s led art and mindfulness workshops for companies, nonprofits, and entrepreneur masterminds like Google, Microsoft, Course Hero, Uber, Zip HQ, East West Bookshop, Allies for Every Child, Ash McDonald, Quench Collective, Peacebank Yoga, and more.

Wonderful things can happen when we embrace Play in our lives again. Give yourself permission to be who you truly are.

 My training...

Emily is a triple-certified life coach, certified yoga and meditation teacher (RYT200), Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Method, Shamanic Practitioner, and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), T.I.M.E., EFT, and Hypnosis Practitioner with a Masters from the University of Chicago.

When she’s not working, she’s making art and magic in her garden in the SF Bay Area – where she lives with her partner of 9 years, 50+ houseplants, and her Havanese puppy, Mac.

Wonderful things can happen when we embrace Play in our lives again. Give yourself permission to be who you truly are.

Frequently Asked Questions

"If you're considering doing this for yourself, of investing in yourself, know that it comes back to you, you don't have to earn it, you just deserve to take time for yourself. Take time to build that awareness and invest in yourself––it helps you become the person you want to be."

– Clara Vaknin, User Researcher in the tech industry

"I got the most in all areas of my life from working with Emily––even more than working with my therapist and nutritionist. It was the best investment I could've given myself. So good, that I signed up for more!"

– Caline Raab, Sr. Manager, Learning & Development in the cosmetic industry

Reclaim Your Intuitive Power

First module releases November 13th. Subsequent modules release every 1-2 following weeks until all 5 modules have been released.

Pay in Full


Save 5%


Payment Plan


6 Monthly Payments


...Feeling commitment anxiety?

Breath it in. Breathe it out. Trust yourself, and you'll awaken your power.

3-Week Trial:

Try the first 3 modules

As a special opportunity for folks who are either traveling or feeling commitment anxiety, sign up to join us for just the first 3 weeks––lives, replays, resources, and group chat included––then decide if you want to continue and purchase the rest of the experience or not. These 3 weeks (Oct 10, 17 & 24) focus on supporting you to reclaim your power:

  • Week 1: Protect your energy from leaks, energetic vampires, entities, thought forms, and draining relationships with the power of sacred containers and ritual spaces
  • Week 2: Clear your energy when you’re feeling low, drained, or stressed so you can guide your experience of life and source your own happiness
  • Week 3: Deepen your intuition, discover what's a real yes and aligned no, and develop radical self-trust so you can reclaim your power

3-Week Trial


Includes 3 sessions, homework, and support from October 10-30.















I am not a medical professional, and therefore, I do not diagnose illness, disease, or medical disorders. My counsel and this program's curriculum should never replace the advice of your medical physician or mental health professional. 

I am a spiritual mentor, Certified Life and Nutrition Coach from ITN, Reiki Master in the Usui Method, registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and educator with a M.A. in English and Curriculum Design from the University of Chicago. As a result, I offer life, health, spirituality, and wellness suggestions in accordance with my own experiences, intuitive abilities, and training. You are responsible for actions that you do in accordance with or against any advice given by me. Neither Mind Body Dharma, LLC nor Emily Schickli are liable in any way for any issues that may arise before, during or after a coaching program, session, retreat, class, or workshop.


I am committed to offering you, to the best of my ability, tools and practices that you can use to further your personal development and cultivate a greater sense of well-being.

I act in accordance with the Yoga Alliance compliance and integrity statutes at all times, and never seek to cause harm in any way.  

Mind Body Dharma is an anti-racism organization and does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, background, sexual orientation, or gender preferences. So while this program is designed for women-identifying folks, all LGBTQIA+ individuals are welcome and encouraged to join. 

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