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authentic self

What we really mean by “authentic self” and why it matters

intuition purpose spirituality Sep 21, 2023

You've probably heard people in the personal development and spiritual spaces (including myself) talk about becoming more authentic or "authentically you" or "stepping more into your true self" ... but what does that really mean? 

This week kicks off a foundational 5 (or maybe 6) week series that's near and dear to the work that I do in this world––to help you reclaim your magic (and understand what that really means).

And full disclosure, this series is pre-marketing to support my upcoming course on how to read and create your own Oracle cards: Become Your Own Oracle which will start enrolling early November :) and kick off with an intuitive art workshop on Sunday, November 5th. Exciting!

So before we really dig into the how behind becoming more aligned with your authentic self, let's talk about what I mean by that phrase and why it's so juicy. 

Your authentic self, simply put, is your true essence––the "stuff" that makes you you without all the societal and intergenerational beliefs that you picked up in utero, as a child, and as a young adult. 

Let's get into the science, and then we'll get back to the energetics...

Essentially, neuroscience shows that we receive roughly 2.3 million bits of information through our 5 senses at any given moment, and because we can't process that much information consciously, we delete, distort, and generalize that information down into 126 bits of information based on our mind's filters––including everything from time, location and mood down to our values, beliefs, and identity. 

Our minds then group those 126 bits into 7 +/- 2 chunks of information (depending on our level of overwhelm. If we're overwhelmed, we delete more information than if we are calm). That information then informs how we feel, which affects our behaviors, and which in turn determines our experience of life. 

That's all to say that we have access to so much more information than we think we do AND everything we've experienced up to this moment is affecting our perception of reality. 

But who ARE we underneath all that noise and information? 

From a psychology point of view, we are a consciousness––a self-aware being. 

From a spiritual point of view, we are a soul––a slice of divinity. 

And regardless of how you look at it, there is that essence there–– despite all your mind's filters are doing to delete, distort, and generalize reality... You are you. 

You are the common thread. 

So imagine...

Imagine if you could bring your essence to the forefront...

You'd know what you really wanted vs what you "should" want...

You'd know what really brings you joy vs just what you have the energy or time for...

You'd understand your unique gifts vs just what your caregivers or teachers praised when you were little...

And then imagine if you could intentionally reprogram the filters that are blocking you from living the life that's more aligned with this essence... so that your filters always selected the information that would help you live the life you truly desire. 


As someone who's been devoted to this path of self-actualization for the past 5+ years, I'll share from personal experience that greater happiness, easefulness, satisfaction, and abundance lay on the other side of this work.

Crafting the life you want becomes so much easier when our unconscious filters are working for us rather than against us. 

That is what it means to become more of your authentic self. 

That is what it means to reclaim your magic. 

By peeling back the layers of "shoulds" and "supposed-tos" and bigger societal narratives that oppress you, you can reveal, believe, and make choices from your full power. 

For you ARE powerful.  

Stay tuned next week for the next step on how to start this process!

With love, 


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