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Remember Your Power: Your Authentic Self Holds the Key to Creating a Fulfilling Life

energy management growth purpose Oct 24, 2023

Whether or not you remember, you are a sovereign being and a powerful creator. Meaning, you have the capacity to craft the life you truly desire.

I know in the thick of the mess of living life––from rock bottoms to horrific world events to calendar chaos to everyday tasks––it can be challenging to feel like this is true. That we have power. 

8 years ago, I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel and couldn’t stop. 

More specifically, I hit rock bottom burnout while working long hours for a tech startup. And it wasn't the hours that did it––rather, it was everything I had been running from catching up to me. The complete lack of work-life balance was just the thing that tipped the scales.

I had daily migraines, gut issues, chronic pain, newly remembered trauma and anxiety resurfacing…you name it. I certainly didn’t feel powerful then.

But in that darkest moment, I’d finally had enough of the pain, hardship, and fears keeping me small and far away from living my authentic life. 

It was a wake-up call. The Universe was tired of me ignoring the feathers and the bricks. It sent a steam roller. And that’s when I had enough daring to change it all.

That little sliver of clarity in the darkness started me down this path––through each of these 5 keys though I didn't know them yet––from playing with new ways of working and self-care to trusting myself and my intuition to watching sparks of magic and manifestations unfold…to ultimately stepping into my power as a creator and launching my own business

It wasn’t easy, but it was oh so worth it. 

On the surface, this tale seems like a classic origin story for an entrepreneur––you know the ones we read all over for the purposes of connecting, and also selling. But this story, this journey is so much more than that to me. 

This past decade has been my heroine's journey––my self-actualization. It's been the process of remembering who I truly am in ALL areas of my life.

Underneath all the programming and conditioning I received from childhood through young adulthood, I had always been magical. There was a seed in me that knew my authentic self, gifts, and purpose. But somewhere along the way, I was taught to forget.

These 5 keys: Play, Trust, Magic, Power, and Wonder, and the spiritual arts and wisdom traditions they represent, helped me remember who I truly am and remember that I am a powerful creator.

So if you’re somewhere along that journey too––whether or not it has anything to do with your work-life or calling––this is both a permission slip and a message of hope that you CAN go from not loving your everyday reality to living your most authentic, fulfilling life

The key to jumpstart that process is to remember who you truly are––that you have the capacity to create, too. Even when and especially when other people in your life or your own internal fears are telling you “no.”

And if you’re wondering what to create, what your most fulfilling and authentic life actually looks like and how to get there…

I invite you to get quiet. To take a few minutes this week to sit by yourself, maybe in nature, and close your eyes. 

Feel into the ground beneath your feet. Notice whether your hands are warm or cold. Listen to the sounds around you. See nature living life even as you sit still. Invite in any helping spirits to guide you.

Then ask yourself:

What do I care most about? What angers me in the world?

If I could live life in any way I wanted, what would that be? What would I create for myself and my loved ones?

See what comes up. Trust it. Take action towards it, if you dare. And see what unfolds. 

Remember, you are magic. 

And if you’re looking for more ways to connect deeply with your intuition and reignite your authentic self, I’ve got you covered.


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Stay tuned next week for the last step in crafting your most authentic, fulfilling, and empowered life!

with love,


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