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How to Restart and Refresh Your Daily Routine with a Routine Reset

energy management journal prompts rituals Mar 13, 2023

Feeling groggy and blah after the time change? I hear you, and when that happens to me, I look at it as an invitation to switch up my routines and rituals.

Especially with the spring equinox around the corner, your system may be craving a routine reset.

When I was in Thailand for two weeks, I had the opportunity to wipe my ritual slate clean with new sights, sounds, smells, foods, and activities.

I felt resistance to letting go of my rituals before going, to be honest with you. I clung to them––knowing that everything was about to be disrupted even if it was in a good way.

But soon after arriving, it felt freeing to surrender structure to flow. I kept the one or two practices that felt really supportive, and ditched the rest. It rejuvenated me. I felt more spacious.

While we can’t always get away for an extended period of time to force a reset, we can do it intentionally on our own at home.

5 steps to spark a spring reset feeling at home:

STEP 1: Journal out your current self-care and spiritual rituals*.

STEP 2: Look at the first one you wrote down. Feel into your body and notice what feelings come up for you when you think about doing it now. Does it energize you? Do you feel resistance? Write down your reflections and repeat for each ritual.

 STEP 3: Cross off any ritual that doesn’t give you a “yes” feeling in your body. It’s time to let that one go! So often, we think we’ve “failed” or we’re just “lazy” if we feel lackluster about a ritual we’ve set a goal to do. But most of the time, it’s just that it isn’t supporting us anymore––and that’s okay!

 STEP 4: Looking at the remaining rituals that still feel good, see what’s missing. What are you really longing for at this time? How are you feeling energetically? What would support you most right now?

 STEP 5: Identity 1-3 new intentions or rituals (as applicable) to start exploring and notice how your energy shifts. Reassess again in 2 weeks if you still feel something is off.

 *If you don’t have any current rituals, you’re already at a blank slate! Just jump to step 4 and ask yourself, what am I really longing for?

As for me?

 I’ve been craving even more spiritual connection and practices. I’ve found now more than ever that a strong spiritual practice of connecting with my Spirit Guides and Higher Self helps me feel more in tune with what I want and present with my day-to-day.

I’ve been singing more, dancing more, and making more magic over these last couple weeks, and it’s POWERFUL. It’s making me even more excited to (virtually) gather with and hold space for my Modern Mystic Mystery School students, starting April 6th!

Whenever I feel lost, alone, or down, I journey to connect with my spirit guides, and I find the answers, comfort, and actions that I seek. It puts me back on track and helps me process all the ups and downs of being human.

I’d love to support you in cultivating your own spiritual practice––no matter how familiar you are with spirituality and working with your intuition.

 Modern Mystic Mystery School is for all backgrounds and levels of familiarity with spirituality. The practices I teach I've studied and embodied, and they are all rooted in feminine mysticism or Earth-based shamanism. We’ll be covering my 8 favorite rituals and ceremonies in an experiential (and playful!) supportive virtual program.

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