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Create a Life You Actually Love By Radically Trusting Your Authentic Self

mindset play purpose Sep 29, 2023

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

You took a job, studied a subject, said yes to a networking event, or attended a conference not because you WANTED to but because you thought it was something you SHOULD do to be more successful. 

I can't tell you how many times I've done that over the years.

And the truth? Following all those "shoulds" actually took me further from my authentic desires––and self. 

Where we're at in this 6-week series on becoming your most empowered and authentic self...

  • Week 1: What We Really Mean By Authentic Self––And Why It Matters
  • Week 2: How Play Makes Connecting to Your Authentic Self––And Self-Care––Way Easier
  • Week 3: [This Email] Create a Life You Actually Love By Radically Trusting Your Authentic Self
  • Week 4: Hint: it's about Magic and Manifesting
  • Week 5: Hint: it's about Power and Sovereignty
  • Week 6: Hint: it's about Wonder and Awe

Missed one? Check it out on the blog!

This week we're talking about the 2nd key in crafting a life you ACTUALLY love and is aligned to your most authentic self––aka a life you don't need a vacation from, don't burn out from, and don't wake up years down the road wondering what on earth happened.

Side note: I know you want this, too :).

But in case I'm way off, go ahead and hit "unsubscribe from newsletters" at the bottom of this email because the truth is, this is what I'm all about. Self-care is a tool towards creating a life you love, and connecting with your intuition is a tool towards creating a life you love... so if you're not about feeling more joy, alignment and satisfaction, no hard feelings––link is at the bottom of this email. 

And that 2nd key is: Radical Trust Your Authentic Self.  

If you don't trust yourself, chances are you're going to surrender to the societal conditioning that got you to burn out in the past (or maybe even right now)––whatever that is for you. 

It may be things like: 

  • Work hard, be rewarded
  • You don't own your time––your employer does
  • In order to be successful, you have to _____________
  • If you're not being productive, you're lazy
  • If you don't do ________ by the time you're [this age], you're a failure
  • You can't be successful / earn enough money doing what you love––get a real job
  • You have to be a parent, successful professional, self-care guru, and All The Things to everyone
  • And so on...

The truth is, none of those statements are actually authentically you. And you probably know it deep down on some level... but are you listening to yourself, or are you listening to them and pushing yourself to the point of being f*cking exhausted? 

That's why the 2nd key is to get radically honest about what IS authentically you and choose to trust yourself by taking action aligned with that.

It's a little scary, and it's incredibly effective:

As you trust your authentic desires, needs, and self more, trust in yourself grows. And the more authentic self-trust grows, the bigger and more empowered actions you'll take and the more Magic unfolds (aka things you want find you)...more on that next week.

If you've been connected to me for a while now, you know I'm all about taking the energetics of what I'm talking about and grounding them into practical strategies, so let's do that now :) 

You can cultivate radical self-trust in a few repeatable steps...

1) Start making the unconscious conscious––make a list of ALL those pesky statements and beliefs (like those above) that are bouncing around and influencing you in your life. What are "they" saying? What pressures are you feeling? What do people expect of you that you don't actually want?

2) Remember key #1 of this series: Play. What little sparks of devious joy are calling to you? What did you love to do as a child (before the weight of all those pressures hit)? How can you rekindle a play mindset and start little adventures and experiments for yourself? E.g. what would it be like if you were to ditch the self-care shoulds and craft a really fun ritual for yourself? (Read back on last week's email for tips). 

3) Choose to TRUST the little sparks of joy, intuitive hits, and inspiration that comes your way. The more you say YES to these authentic desires, the more oomph and space they'll start taking up in your life... which starts a really positive ripple effect toward crafting a life you actually love. 

4) Remind yourself that you're safe through nervous system regulation. Practice nervous system supporting and regulating self-care (I have a mini course that goes into depth on exactly that if you're not sure what I mean or want more support)––every time you feel tempted to fall back into the old pressures and narratives you identified in step 1. It takes time to shift the pattern, but the more you practice supporting yourself through change, the easier it'll become. Remind yourself that just because you followed an authentic desire, it doesn't mean that you're not going to be loved, accepted, safe, successful, wealthy, etc. 

Big, right?

This is the exact same process that I've walked myself through again and again as I've leveled up in my life––and went from a chronically sick and burned out tech professional wondering what I was doing wrong to a spiritual entrepreneur who absolutely adores her life. 

It's also the same process I take each of my coaching clients through when I work with them one-on-one. And it's worth mentioning that you don't have to completely change careers (unless you want to) to find authentic joy and satisfaction.  

And while this is the same's one thing to read these steps and another thing to take action on them. 

So here's your homework: what's one thing you can do this week to take action towards cultivating more radical self honesty and trust?

Start small and keep it simple, and if you want more support... I got you :) Hit reply!

Stay tuned next week for the 3rd key step in crafting your most authentic, dreamy, satisfying, and empowered life!

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with love,


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