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Awakening the Sovereign Self: Embracing Shifts and Transformations

energy management mindset rituals Jun 14, 2023

I was in three ceremony windows last week (two I attended and one I led), and a LOT came to the surface. 

My body was talking and resurfacing old pains…

Old false life stories asked to be released…

And new ways of being started to announce themselves.

I craved more rest and slowness than usual and took a break from writing, from marketing, and from as much outward energy in my life and business as possible. 

 And that in itself was interesting too––all too often when we take a break we go back to how things were before the break, once it’s over. 

And I’m realizing, I don’t want to, and I don’t even need to do that. 

Now the question becomes, how to integrate all of these shifts. 

I’m in the process of doing that, and in the meantime, I want to share with you a few big teachings that landed these past few weeks.

Often, I receive these teachings for both my own study and so that I can share them with you in case they’re the medicine you needed, too. 

And if it all feels too “floaty” for you, you’re welcome to let it wash over you and out the other side without taking it on as Truth. It’s simply another perspective that you’re being invited to explore. And if it doesn’t resonate, you’re free to let it go. 

We’ve all but forgotten that we are sovereign beings. 

Meaning, we have the power to create anything and everything in our experience of life. 

Our experience is something we choose

Yes, that means how we react or respond to something, AND it means the events themselves and what we create for ourselves, too. 

It’s like that old saying, you are what you eat except with the added layer that what you eat is what you are, too.

Kind of a mind bender, isn’t it? 

Meaning, from before birth (research shows we store up to 7 generations back in our unconscious––wild, I know) to age 7, we are absorbing the agreements that make up this world we call reality.  

Those agreements can be great things like “you are loved” and they can be problematic things like “work hard, be rewarded” or “money doesn’t grow on trees” and even traumatic things like “you aren’t wanted” or “you aren’t enough.” 

 And all those beliefs get stored in our unconscious mind, and like the Wizard of Oz, they continue to pull our strings and affect us today. Neuroscience research, like that from Bruce Lipton, estimates that 95% of human behavior is determined by unconscious beliefs and desires. 

So we project these agreements out into the world and onto others, and the world obliges by shifting to stay in alignment with those beliefs. 

It’s how we get things like the myth of the meritocracy, the corporate ladder, and even the assumption that we have to pay for water.

But here’s the thing––underneath all that, we are sovereign beings. 

And the true energy of this planet only wants to nurture, feed, and support us. 

So we have the ability, even if we’ve forgotten it, to change our personal beliefs––and if we work together as a collective, we can change our community and even our global beliefs as well––therefore changing our experience of life. 

Before we get lost in the dream of what could be possible, we need to unhook ourselves from the beliefs that are currently keeping us playing small

So if you want to play in this space, I invite you to try on this practice…

First, I encourage you to tune into your authentic self––the essence of you that transcends the “reality” of today with its limitations and rules. 

That could look like going out into nature or blocking off an hour on your calendar to close your eyes and meditate or float in the bath. 

And it most likely involves putting aside your critical conscious mind (the “Adult”) and luring forth your inner child and even your soul essence. 

Once connected, ask:

  • What assumptions and beliefs do you have that aren’t supporting you? 
  • What could be possible if they were no longer true or held sway over you? 

Go really big here with your imagination. 

As Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto author Tracy Hersey discusses in her book, our imagination has been suppressed by forces in power so that we stay out of power. 

She writes, ““You are not unworthy. The systems are unworthy.”

Isn’t it time to challenge and rewrite those systems?

During this process of revisiting your foundational beliefs, you’ll likely need a cocoon of support. It’s something I talk a lot about in my ceremony, Metamorphosis

Think of the cocoon of a moth––the spirit consciousness of my ceremony––within its soft walls, protected from the outside environment and tuned in to its own blueprint, it transforms from grub to winged insect.

What does your cocoon of support look like based on your current season of life? 

Maybe that means more rest, more pleasure, more play, more time with loved ones, more time alone (even if that’s 10 minutes!), more support from a holistic professional…only you know and you do know when you get quiet enough to listen. 

And from there, swathed in your cocoon of support, what will you grow? What will YOU choose to change? 

I’m so curious. 

Share your new belief with me by sending me an email at [email protected] if you’d like to add some oomph behind your new paradigm. 

And if you’d like more support with this process, let’s chat. There are many ways I can support you, including personal coaching, ceremony, workshops, online courses, freebies, my book, and corporate events. 

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With love,