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3 Ways to Regain Your Creativity and Flow in Work, Play and Everything In-Between

3 Ways to Regain Your Creativity and Flow in Work, Play and Everything In-Between

energy management growth intuition Apr 12, 2023

I started writing again. Creatively, I mean. And while I wrote fiction all through elementary to graduate school (#funfact!), it's been years since I felt my creativity want to express in that way.

And now? The words flow like a river finally free of its dam. It feels thunderous and familiar and unstoppable and addicting. It's that irresistible state of flow.

It's the same feeling I get when I'm creating a new course for my business, learning to punch needle, or dreaming up vacation ideas with my partner.

And when it's not there?

I feel stuck.

I check emails and texts. I read random blog posts. I futz around the house, starting laundry and forgetting to move the clothes to the dryer. 

Without creativity––without flow in my work and life––I feel a bit lost. 

And it's usually the sign that it's time to inject more life into my, well, life. 

Been there?

3 Ways to Regain Your Flow in Work, Play and Everything In-Between

1) Queue It Up. 

Behavioral psychology and neurolinguistic programming teaches us that our environment directly affects our mood and habits. One of my favorite things to help re-spark a feeling of flow is to use the power of anchoring. I light a specific scented candle, turn on a specific playlist that helps me feel creative, and sit in the same location every time I want to get into a flow state. Over time, my body remembers! 

2) Move Your Body. 

Whether its walking, riding a bike, dancing, yoga, weight-lifting or rolling on the floor... I always feel more limber in my mind when my body is too. The movement can help regulate your nervous system, and as a result, calm your mind. When we're in a relaxed state as opposed to fight, flight or freeze, we have full access to our prefrontal cortex––the part of our brain that thinks clearly and creatively :) 

3) Get Inspired (Aka Steal Like An Artist). 

When I'm feeling stuck or "blah," I always feel re-energized when I read from an inspiring book, scroll an artist's social feed I admire, chat with a creative friend, draw Oracle cards, or look back at past projects that I've felt particularly creative doing. I then like to "warm up" my creativity by either imitating another style for a few minutes or writing reflections in my journal. It always gets me past the hump of feeling like I lost my mojo and back into the flow. 

What about you? Hankering for some more creativity in your life? 

If you're feeling the need for a jumpstart on your next creative project (or a jumpstart in your positive habits), I have just the thing :) 

Remember how I said one of the ways I get re-inspired is by drawing Oracle cards and reflecting on them? I offer private intuitive card readings to help you overcome blocks and make more empowered decisions, and they can help with your creativity too! They're one of the most accessible ways to work with me 1-1. 

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