Mind Body Dharma Presents PlayFest


SF Bay Area Retreat

Play melts stress away.

October 19, 9am-5pm & October 20, 9am-2pm

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About PlayFest RWC

PlayFest is a 1.5 day San Francisco Bay Area wellness retreat hosted in Redwood City, California designed to support stressed out, busy professionals and entrepreneurs with reclaiming their power and freedom through different forms of play. 

Whether you work in tech, healthcare, education, corporate, for yourself, or are just craving a reset away from the kids, PlayFest is for you. 

All humans 18+ are welcome to attend!

At PlayFest, you'll: 

  • Rediscover 6+ different ways to play in all areas of your life so you can¬†feel more free and empowered even after you leave the retreat
  • Release stress, feel good, laugh, and nourish yourself with hands-on, immersive experiences
  • Learn bite-sized tools and practices that you can use in your day-to-day to feel more alive
  • Connect with other like-minded community members - you may even make friends!

PlayFest features:

  • 6 expert speakers specializing in different wellness fields (learn about them below!)
  • 6+ guided experiences: meditation, movement, healing plants, pleasure, intuitive art, and mindset with a bonus option to play with your food!
  • Access to the always-open Play Parlor, where you can¬†take a break, reflect, make art, pull Oracle cards, connect with new friends, or grab a snack
  • Hands-on art and plant crafts with take-home goodies
  • Fun surprises from local businesses!

PlayFest Speakers

PlayFest Speakers

Ali Eslamifar

Ali spent nearly half his life in tech as an entrepreneur, designer, engineer, and product leader. In 2022, he launched his Farsi meditation podcast '10minpause' (now 10min App) to promote mindfulness among Iranians. He then started 'The Ally Show,' a podcast for sharing personal mental health journeys. Ali holds a bachelor's in computer engineering and a Master's in Design from Arizona State University. He loves connecting to this world through connecting to people and experiencing the world.

Ali will be hosting a session all about play and meditation. 

Caline Raab

Caline Raab empowers people to overcome their challenges and reach personal freedom. She specializes in one-on-one coaching, creating a safe, personalized space tailored to her client's needs, blending coaching and energy work for holistic growth. She also loves facilitating group experiences, as they foster community and allow individuation to meet the collective. She is a Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Practitioner.

Caline will be hosting a session all about play and movement. 

Website, Instagram, LinkedIn

Haley Hoover

Haley Hoover helps women connect with their sacral power through intuitive art and journaling classes.

She is an Intuitive Artist, Author and Success Coach who helps spiritual women experience more ease and fulfillment in their journey to success and abundance. Her secret sauce is combining abstract art practices, intuitive journaling prompts and ancient yogic exercises into a full-body experience of expanding into your potential.

Haley will be hosting a session all about play and intuitive art. 

Website, Instagram, Facebook

Jacqueline Hartman

Jacqueline Hartman fosters deep transformative relationships that help individuals, groups and organizations navigate personal and professional shifts.

Combining traditional medicine with modern healing and leadership facilitation, she promotes holistic well-being and dynamic leadership. She is a dedicated program developer and facilitator, multicultural integrative health coach, and clinical herbalist. Jacquline has been grounding and inspiring individuals as well as mid to large organizations in service, tech, and higher education for three decades. 

Jacqueline will be hosting a session about play and healing plants.

Instagram, LinkedIn

Toran McGill

Toran is The Pleasure Priestess. A Pleasure Embodiment Coach. Poet and Author. 

Toran has spent decades training bodies to be athletes, performers, and entertainers, including her own. To perform and confirm to expectation. Now, She can be found creating spaces for people to be free in their bodies. Body Freedom expands confidence, deepens intimate wellness, and increases vitality.  Bringing pleasure back to life from the board room to the courtroom and even into the bedroom. 

Toran is a certified Sex, Love & Relationships Coach and will be hosting a session all about play and pleasure.

Website, Instagram, LinkedIn

Emily Schickli

Emily Schickli empowers busy humans to reclaim their time, energy, and magic through coaching, courses, ceremonies, team workshops, and her published book. She is a triple-certified Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, and NLP, T.I.M.E., EFT, and Hypnosis Practitioner with a Masters from the University of Chicago. She’s led workshops for companies like Google, YouTube, Meta, Microsoft, Course Hero and more and appeared in multiple media outlets. 

Emily Schickli is the host of PlayFest and will be offering teachings on play mindset and nervous system regulation as well as opportunities for integration at the beginning and end of each day of the retreat. 

Website, Instagram, LinkedIn

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