a Sacred Ceremony to Release
Stress & Reconnect
with Yourself


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a Sacred Ceremony to Release Stress & Reconnect with Yourself 
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"I got the exact insight I needed to shift my resistance and tune into my true needs."

"Metamorphosis always gives me the exact insight I need to completely shift my resistance to whatever I'm going through and tune in with my true needs. It's a dose of clarity and calm, and I look forward to it immensely!"

–Dayana Mayfield, SaaS Copywriter & Content Strategist

Join the Free Virtual Sacred Ceremony:

April 22nd, from 4-5pm Pacific / 7-8pm Eastern. Replay included.

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Metamorphosis is...

a sacred ceremony that serves as a catalyst for personal transformation, blending scientific understanding with spiritual wisdom to turn stress into strength. 

Taught in an accessible style for modern mystics and science-minded folks alike, you’ll be guided through a swirl of powerful practices to release stress, gain clarity, regulate your nervous system, and reconnect with your power––all accompanied by a live sound bath and high-vibe modern music (may include explicit lyrics).

Attend on Zoom and have a journal, water, and cozy layers you can move in. Leave renewed and empowered. 

You'll experience... 

3 transformative practices to release stress, reconnect to yourself, and reclaim your intuitive power...

1) Intuitive Card Reading so you can claim a powerful intention and gain insight from your intuition.

2) Conscious Connected Breath (and Movement) so you can transform stress into strength, move stuck energy out of your body, and access an altered state of consciousness where your intuition overrides fear.

3) Shamanic Journey (visualization meditation) so you can reconnect with your best self––the authentic essence that lives in all of us––and receive the insight you need to move forward in your life.

This ceremony is for you if:
  • You're ready to release stress and feel like your best self
  • You want to reconnect with yourself and your intuition
  • You're curious about spiritual and sacred practices
  • You're a spiritual newbie or seasoned mystic (all are welcome!)
  • You're open to breath work, card reading, and meditation
  • You're ready to infuse more magic into your modern life
  • You're a human: all genders and backgrounds welcome!
About your guide:

Emily Schickli guides busy humans to release stress and reclaim their time, energy, and magic so they can finally craft a modern life that aligns with their true self.

She is certified as a shamanic healer in the earth-based & Celtic traditions, a Reiki Master, life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and NeuroLinguistic, T.I.M.E., EFT, and Hypnosis Practitioner. She's led workshops for companies like Google, YouTube, Meta, Microsoft, Course Hero, and more. 

When she's not working, she's writing a fantasy romance novel and playing with her pup Mac in the SF Bay Area where she lives with her husband. 

Join us for free to release stress:

April 22nd, from 4-5pm Pacific / 7-8pm Eastern. Replay included.

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"It's hard to put this magic into words."

"I felt so invigorated, empowered, and confident afterwards. Big decisions that I’ve been considering didn’t seem so taboo."

– Kristi S, professional in the tech industry

"Metamorphosis is the 60-minute highlight of my month. It’s hard to put into words how much I release, relax and rebirth in such a short period of time. Emily’s ability to hold space in this container is nothing short of modern magic. I highly recommend this ceremony.”

– Haley Hoover, The Sparkling Hippie: success coach, intuitive artist, and author 

"I know I'm gifted and sensitive to certain elements and had put that on hold for years... With Emily's help, I feel more connected with my ancestors and spirit guides and see how powerful that connection is. This whole process is messy––all the emotions!––but worth it."

– Shaquana Suggs, Professor, Author, and Digiteer


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or visit the main ceremony page for more info.