Free From Stress: Feel More Resilient by Regulating Your Nervous System

Self-Paced, Bite-Sized & Bingeable Workshop for Busy Humans

Overcome overwhelm and learn how you can de-stress FAST in this self-paced online workshop with bite-sized and bingeable videos designed for busy humans. I've taught a version of this content for companies like Google, Course Hero, Zip HQ, and more, with rave reviews. 

In this self-paced online workshop, you'll:

  • Learn the neuroscience and energetics behind stress so you can shift your relationship to stress and avoid and recover from burnout
  • Uncover the 3 different ways stress can affect your mind and body––and how you can feel more resilient and empowered when they happen
  • Learn 3 doable, bite-sized self-care practices you can use to beat burnout (even if you only have 2 minutes to spare)
  • Get instant stress relief on the go with my bespoke "Stress Rx" meditation that takes you from overwhelmed to calm in 13 minutes
  • Finally craft a stress relief ritual you love and stick to with my in-depth guide and index of bite-sized self-care practices

When you enroll, you get access to: 

  • My signature workshop, broken into bite-sized and bingeable videos, popular with companies like Google, Course Hero, Zip HQ and more
  • A 13-minute audio practice for on-demand and on-the-go stress relief that combines 5 research-backed practices to regulate your nervous system
  • Step-by-step 10-page PDF guide: Craft Your Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Stress Relief Ritual that includes an exhaustive list of my favorite self-care practices that you can do under 5 minutes plus tips on how to actually commit to them amidst the mess of modern life

What People Are Saying:

Emily helped Googlers gain more clarity into their challenges and identify opportunities for greater wellbeing through her interactive workshops on work-life balance at our Wellness Fair. Since then, she’s taught several actionable virtual workshops on overcoming to-do list overwhelm, stress relief, and mastering intuitive decision-making through our Arts program. She continues to be a hit!

Lindsay Alford, Google Program Manager & Executive Director of

We brought Emily in to do a virtual “Stress Relief Workshop” and guided meditation. Our employees raved about the stress relief techniques we practiced together. Some people were new to meditation, and they had their first chance at it during the online workshop as well. By the end of the workshop, our employees had the tools to cope with stress along with a meditation they could model themselves. It was a successful event, and I would recommend Emily for any corporate events related to wellness!

June Lee, Formerly at Scale AI

Emily is a strong facilitator for personal growth and brings together science and spirituality in a really cool and accessible way. She led a lunchtime workshop for our Women in Windows and Devices group at Microsoft as a way for us to connect with each other and get creative. We loved learning how to work with our intuition to make better decisions and even made some art: our own intention cards for the new year! She created an inviting and warm environment, got us all engaged and interacting even though it was an online event, and encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and connect with ourselves and each other. We can't recommend her as a workshop leader enough!

Valeria Goncharenko, Program Manager II at Microsoft

I got the most in all areas of my life from working with Emily––even more than working with my therapist and nutritionist. It was the best investment I could've given myself. So good, that I signed up for more!

Caline Raab, Sr. Manager, Learning & Development in the Cosmetic Industry

I honestly don't even know how to verbalize the impact of working with Emily. Two months ago, I would have been super frustrated with myself for doing something and now I'm just not. Basically, what Emily does is help you love yourself. She’s magic.

Asha Jones, Fraud Analyst in FinTech

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