$33.00 USD

Metamorphosis: a sacred ceremony

Transform stress into strength and return home to yourself in the 60-min LIVE virtual ceremony your heart has been searching for.

Metamorphosis serves as a catalyst for personal transformation, blending scientific understanding with spiritual wisdom to help you reconnect to your authentic self and reclaim your intuitive power. 

When you join, you'll:

  • Gain intuitive insight and clarify what you really need in order to bring your desires into reality through a powerful card reading for the group
  • Release stress, shoulds, and the feeling of separation through a scientifically backed breath pattern called conscious connected breath and feel-good movement (modifications offered)
  • Reconnect to your best self via a shamanic journey (visualization meditation) that's channeled in real time to support your greatest transformation and personal power
  • Feel lighter, clearer, and freer than before with a renewed sense of who you really are at your core

You will receive a replay recording via email 3-5 days afterwards even if you weren't able to attend live. 

After you purchase your ticket, you'll be guided to a page to pick which date you wish to attend. 

If you wish to attend multiple ceremonies or gift a ticket to a friend as well, please purchase 1 ticket per ceremony. 

Questions? Email [email protected].


About your instructor: 

Emily Schickli empowers busy humans to finally have enough time and energy to show up as their best self. Emily is certified as a Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Yoga and Meditation teacher (RYT200), Reiki Master Teacher, and a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), T.I.M.E. Techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Hypnosis Practitioner with a Masters from the University of Chicago. She’s led art and mindfulness workshops for companies, nonprofits, and entrepreneur masterminds like Google, Microsoft, Course Hero, Allies for Every Child, East West Bookshop, Quench Collective, and more and has appeared in multiple media outlets.

What People Are Saying:

Metamorphosis always gives me the exact insight I need to completely shift my resistance to whatever I'm going through and tune in with my true needs. It's a dose of clarity and calm, and I look forward to it immensely!

Dayana Mayfield, SaaS Copywriter & Content Strategist

I know I'm gifted and sensitive to certain elements and had put that on hold for years... With Emily's help, I feel more connected with my ancestors and spirit guides and see how powerful that connection is. This whole process is messy––all the emotions!––but worth it.

Shaquana Suggs, Professor, Author, and Digiteer

I am very impressed with Emily's intuitive hits, process, and wonderful healing energy. Emily was able to combine a scientific and spiritual approach to stress release which left me feeling truly renewed. Her magical abilities range from on point card readings to guided meditations channeled from source that leave you feeling seen with a positive sense of where to go next in the evolution of your spirit and mind. I highly recommended any service that Emily provides as she clearly has talent and gifts in the art of healing.

Lindsay Stewart, School Founder, Science Educator & Shamanic Practitioner

Emily’s metamorphosis workshop might be the best thing you can do after work. It's magical! Emily guided the group to clear energy, set an intention, discard what was no longer serving, and invite in something new. It was healing, transformative, and fun! My energy shifted drastically. I felt calmer and at more peace. And left with clarity around a few aspects of my life.

Caline Raab, Sr. Manager, Learning & Development in the Cosmetic Industry

Metamorphosis is the 60-minute highlight of my month. It’s hard to put into words how much I release, relax and rebirth in such a short period of time. Emily’s ability to hold space in this container is nothing short of modern magic. I highly recommend this program.

Haley Hoover, success coach, intuitive artist, and author